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We are planning some litters
in spring / summer 2020!

Braque d'Auvergne:

Litter 1: Ch. ICH Khyannes Iton 'ITON' x Ch. Khyannes Quartier Francais 'SAPHIRE'

Litter 2: Ch. Khyannes Instinct de Chasse 'HUGO' x Ch. Lumiére du Domaine d'Ainos 'LUMI'

English setters:

Litter 3: Lincoln del Semendria Setters 'SHADOW' x Ch. Khyannes omet 'COMET'

Reservation is OPEN.

Show successes!

In the last three months we have been to a few shows.


Agard Int. Show - 30 June 2019

Ch. Khyannes Instinct de Chasse 'Hugo' - CAC, CACIB BOB
Ch. Khyannes Quartier Francais 'Saphire' - CAC, CACIB, BOS

In Serbia:

Olaf del Angel de los Volcanos 'Leon' - 2x Junior Winner, 2x BOB, Serbian Junior Champion
Ch. Khyannes Comet 'Komi' - 2x CAC, 1x BOB, Serbian Champion
Ch. Khyannes Flocon de Neige 'Darcy' - 2x Best Veteran, 2x BOB, Veteran Champion
Ch. Khyannes Quartier Francais 'Saphire' - 2x CAC, 1x BOS, 1x BOB, Serbian Champion
Ch. Khyannes Instinct de Chasse 'Hugo' - 2x CAC, 2x BOB, Serbian Champion
Ch. Oceane des Puys d'Auvergne 'Merci' - 2x CAC, 1x BOS, Serbian Champion

New health tests

Oceane des Puys d'Auvergne 'Merci' - HD: A/A
Olaf del Angel de los Volcanos 'Leon' - HD: A/A
Ch. Khyannes Comet 'Komi' - HD: A/A
Ch. Khyannes Dynamite 'Dina' - HD: A/A
Lincoln del Semendria Setters 'Shadow' - HD: A/A
Khyannes Duke 'Jackie' - HD: A/A
(owner: Farkas Jánosné)
Gameglow Fire and Ice 'Fire' - prescan - FREE of HD
Peter Pan de Moca-Croce - 'Devereaux' - prescan - FREE of HD

Last hunt of the season and a VAV exam

Khyannes Iton 'ITON' and Marco Polo 'MARQUIS' received their Hunting licence
after passing their VAV exam last weekend. They are now official hunting dogs.
It was a pleasure that Khyannes Romance 'MAIA JR' came all the way from Vác to hunt
with us and to take the VAV exam too. She has also passed it and I was very happy with her performance. Khyannes Quartier Francais 'SAPHIRE' has also started attending hunts with us,
this was her second actually. She was quite enthusiastic and enjoyed every minute of it. :-)