We got very good news from the Czech Republic that Etis (Khyannes Etincelle de Vie)
has completed his hunting season for this year and thanks to
his outstanding performance at the hunts, his owners were offered permanent membership at their local hunting asssociation. What great news!
Additionally, Etis has started to report on the hot trail of deer which also shows that
this breed is capable of doing any kind of work on the field, in water and also in the forest.
Congratulations Andrea and Ludvik! Keep up the good work!

New photos on the pages of Filou, D'arcy, Roy and Paris.
This year Santa Claus surprised us with very nice Christmas presents so
we have two new members in our kennel, Ashley and Archie.

Merry Christmas everybody and Happy Holidays!


English Setter litter - spring-summer 2011

If you are interested in this litter, please email me or call me.
Enquiries are welcome.

Braque d'Auvergne litters 2011
Summer 2011 - Felice will be mated to Titan.
Charbonne puppies are expected too!

Take a look at the own site of our available puppies: PARIS and D'ARCY
We would like to congratulate Khyannes Élysée de Desir 'Lili' and her owners on
winning Junior Winner and BOB titles at Budapest CACIB dog show on 27 November with which result she became Hungarian Junior Champion.

Wild duck hunt - Somogyvámos
We participated in a duck hunt on 04 November. We took Beau as he is an active
hunting dog and has already been to such a hunt before, we chose to take Noir
and Kócos also for training. The weather was very nice but the water was very cold
but in spite of this Beau was working very well, the puppies were getting used
to gunshots, the situation and were getting accquainted with warm game
and injured birds. Unfortunately, we could only take photos in the beginning of
the hunt because there were not a lot of dogs so Beau was responsible for retrieving
from a quite long shore so we did not have time to take photos.

The lake and a small part of our shore...

...waiting for the Italian hunters...

Pheasant hunt - Dabas
We drove to Dabas to a pheasant hunt on 06 November. With Beau we also took some
training dogs as well. This time we chose to take Dior, Hailey and Kócos.
Some deer, hares also showed up (Dior went to chase one of the hares as well :-) ),
Beau had some very nice, firm pointings and our youth also had a great time. It was a very nice day indeed, however, not too many birds fell and the weather was superb!
Unfortunately, we could not take too many photos here either. :-(
See you guys here in December again!

Hailey's hip scan: HD-A
Natural Ability Test (TAN) and Field Trial - Dabas-Sári, HU

On 23 October we spent a beautiful day in Dabas-Sári where we only took our Braques d'Auvergne only for some field work.
Titan passed the Natural Ability Test in I. prize, Lili finished it in II. prize
(missing only one point for the I. prize).
Congratulations to Lili's owners for this nice achievement!

Beau and Dior participated in Field Trial, but were disqualified just like
all the others so no dogs passed the Field Trial test. Unfortunately, the area
did not have any game at all and it looked more like a golf court than a field. :-D
In spite of all this, the weather was very generous to us, we got some nice sunshine
in the afternoon and it was a pleasure to meet our friends again.

Lili pointing a quail

Titan pointing a quail

In the last few weeks we have been to some shows
where our dogs achieved very nice results:

This year the European Dog Show was held in Celje, Slovenia
where Beau won his class with CAC and Res. CACIB and became
His son, Dior was awarded JUNIOR EUROPEAN WINNER and Junior BOB
while his daughter, Felice was also JUNIOR EUROPEAN WINNER.
At the club show the next day, Dior és Felice became Slovenian Junior Clubwinner,
and also Slovenian Junior Champion!

At the Dracula Golden Trophy in Targu Mures, Romania this year
only Dior represented our kennel but he did a fantastic job by winning Best of Breed
three times and with this becoming Romanian Junior Champion!
At the 2x CACIB dog show in Arad, Beau became Best of Breed
and to my biggest surprise he was placed Reserve Best of Group on Saturday.
O n Sunday, Felice following her daddy's footsteps became Best of Breed
but would not have been happy with being placed second in group
so she ran to BEST OF GROUP !
I am soooooo proud of my little girl because she is only 15 months old
and is from my own breeding...:-))))

Puppies are born!
During the early morning hours of 3 August 2010 Jacqueline gave birth to 9 cute pups.
The mum and her 5 sons and 4 daughters are doing just fine. :-)
More information about the litter and photos of the puppies can be found HERE.

Kaposvár Gundog CAC results

Noir Reserve Baby Best In Show!

Two new import Braque D'Auvergne puppies in our kennel!

Titan Mon Tresor D'Amour

-Polish import-
Titan's page
Femme Fatale Khyannes

-French import-
Noir's page

A special big Thank-you goes out to Víg Orsi - kennel Four Seasons - for her endless help and for bringing these pups to Hungary.

We would like to congratulate to Khyannes Amazing Grace 'Gracy' who was placed 3rd
in Junior class on the Setter Clubshow in Komárom on 24 May 2010.

Hunting Ability Test, Field Trial - Cegléd, HU

Beau, Dior, Hailey, Felice and Heaven with us

We spent a beautiful and very eventful day with our friends on 24 April in Cegléd
at the last spring Field Trial event. Four of our dogs (Dior, Felice, Heaven és Hailey)
were going for TAN (Hunting Ability Test) and two of them tried their luck
on the Field Trial Derby. Both Beau and Dior were disqualified on FT Derby
because they did not find game which was partially because the competition
was organized at a bushy area and the pheasants rather walked than flew.
As our dogs lacked experience in Field Trial (this being their very first FT race),
they did not block the way of the birds (making it impossible for them to escape)
and the judges did not let them search in the bushes for game.
So the birdies walked away and our dogs did not get a single chance to point.

On the Hunting Ability Test all our four dogs did well, however, Felice had
a small injury so her performance was not like her usual so both her
and Heaven had a III. degree diploma. Dior finished in II. prize and Hailey in I. prize getting almost maximum points (97/100).

Thank you for our friends for the great company, the judges for their judgement
and we are very grateful to Edit and Misi for their help and car directions :-).

The first Austrian Setter Derby Club Show of 2010 was organized in Vienna
on 28 March 2010. Khyannes Amazing Grace "Gracy" won the Junior class
and was awarded the Austrian Junior Club Winner 2010 title.
Congratulations to the owners!

Dior's, Heaven's and Hailey's pages have been updated with some new images of them
and our photogallery has got a brand new look with some new photos as well.

We participated on a Baby - Puppy - Champion dog show in Budapest on this Saturday
where both Dior and Felice became Best Puppy male and female. In the end, the judge
gave Best Puppy in Breed to Felice, our little girl! What a day!

Khyannes Étoile du Soir "Felice"
After the yesterday's rainy, snowy day we got some sunshine today and the temperature also went up a little. We could not resist going to the nature and taking some photos.

dad and his pups, Dior and Felice

Dior and Felice
bro' and sis' :-)

Our kennel and Braque D'Auvergne pointing dogs were dealt with on three pages
in a Hungarian hunting magazine 'Magasles' in its January edition.

We have been training the youth for spring Hunting Ability Exams and
I can say their performance and stamina is getting better and better.
I took some photos of their pointing practice and Hailey's retrieving. It is such a nice surprise for me that Hailey out of 100 percent of show line works very well also.

Dior's pointing

Felice's pointing

Hailey's retrieving