The most popular Hungarian magazine about hunting dogs has published my article
about the Braque d'Auvergne breed on 12 pages in its latest issue!
Dior is on the cover! :-)

New results of dogs from our kennel!

Khyannes Fan Fan la Tulipe 'Demon' was

Junior Winner at Luxemburg Int. Show with this Lux. Junior Champion, 2x CACIB,
2x CAC, 2x BOB at Jyväskylä Int. Show, 2x CACIB, 2x CAC, 2x BOB in Belarus Minsk
Int. Show with this Belarus Champion, 2x CAC, CACIB, BOB, Finnish Winner 2011
and Finnish Junior Winner 2011, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Nordic Winner in Stockholm,
Sweden, also Nordic Junior Winner 2011 and Nordic Winner 2011!

& his litter sister

Khyannes Fata Morgana 'Feita' was

CAC, CACIB and BOB at Vilnius Int. Dog Show

Moreover, Francis (Khyannes Fée Francis) successfully passed the 2nd level of the Obedience- and Agility exam with great results.
Congratulations to the owners, well done!


11 puppies (7 males and 4 bitches) were born on 2 November in Italy
from the following parents:

Sire: Inter Ch. Diamant de la Saligue aux Becasses 'Beau'
Dam : Inter Ch. Cassandra Mon Tresore D'Amoure 'Dolly'

More info: http://www.braquedauvergnedog.com/index%20ang.htm
Puppies can be reserved.

New results of dogs from our kennel!

Latvia National dog show

Khyannes Fan Fan la Tulipe 'Demon' - Jun.CAC, BOB, BOG5
Khyannes Fata Morgana 'Feita' - Jun.CAC, BOS (Best Bitch)

Lithuania National dog show

Khyannes Fan Fan la Tulipe 'Demon' - Jun.CAC, BOB, BOG

Komárom, Hungary 2x CACIB - Derby dog show

Khyannes Fantome de Roi 'Roy' - 2x HPJ, 2x Junior BOB, Derby Winner
Hungarian Junior Champion

Moreover, Francis (Khyannes Fée Francis) has successfully passed the Basic
Obedience and Agility exam Level 1 with excellent results.
Her hips were also X-rayed: HD-AA!

Congratulations to the owners and THANK YOU!


Both Darcy and Felice passed the VAV exam successfully yesterday.
I was a bit worried about one of Felice's front paws as while we were in Romania last weekend she cut it very badly. The last week before the exam we could not practice enough but her leg looked nice on Friday and she started using it so I took the chance
to take her to the exam and I was right! She did the tasks easily showing no signs of
pain until the last water part. There is drought in Hungary right now
and all of our waters are quite shallow. When she stepped into the water to retrieve the duck, her legs sank into the deep mud touching her belly.
I guess the mud was not
too good for the cut on her paw and at first she came out
without the duck but
her second try was successful and she retrieved the duck out of water.
I am very proud of her as she could overcome the pain to please me. Love her to bits! :-)

Darcy was doing a great job again, losing only 2 points at the pheasant track as the wind kept changing all the time and he kept losing the track but in the end the pheasant
ended up in my hands. :-)

Targu Mures, Romania - Dracula Golden Trophy
10-11 September 2011

We spent a superb weekend in Romania. While being there we took part in a two-day-long dog show, the Dracula Golden Trophy, the most famous one in this beautiful country. We come here every year to take part in this event and we are never disappointed. Great people, great food and great environment topped with excellent results for our dogs.
This weekend Noir became Romanian Junior Champion,
and Titan Romanian Champion.
Can we ask for more? :-)

Detailed results here

02 September 2011 - Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Khyannes Fan Fan la Tulipe "Demon"- European Junior Winner with Best of Breed, Junior Best of Group 3rd place
Owner: Kirsti Bergsten (FIN)

(Photo by Svetlana Valoueva)

Khyannes Faites vos Jeux "Filou"- Reserve Junior European Winner
Owner: René Noordegraaf (NL)

Khyannes Fata Morgana "Feita"- Junior European Winner
Owner: Peteris Zvaigzne (LV)

Titan Mon Tresor D'Amour "Titan"- European Winner

Femme-Fatale-Khyannes "Noir"- Reserve
European Winner

Feita's latest success in Poland!

Feita was again very successful in the show ring! She took part in a Pointing Dog Club Show organized for Group VII. of the FCI in Piotrków Trybunalski, poland on 20 August.

Results: Junior Winner, Best Junior, Junior Club Winner and BOB

Congratulations to Feita and her proud family!
Etis' splendid new work results from the Czech Republic!

Etis passed the VAV exam in 1st prize in the Czech Republic so from now on
he is a registered hunting dog. Congratulations to Ludvik and Andrea!

Kajászó, Hungary - Hunting Exam

We set off for the distant Kajaszo in the dawn of 7 August where the Hungarian Short-haired Vizsla Club organized an exam. It was a very hot day with a lot of dogs
who wanted to take the exam. We entered three dogs (all trained and led by me),
2 Braques d'Auvergne, Felice and Paris (the young bitch that was returned to us)
and Kikelet, the Hungarian Vizsla.
Our dogs went well in spite of the heat but I was a bit worried about Felice
before the exam as she gave birth to her pups only 10 weeks ago and she has
a few kilos extra so her speed was not her usual speed. It turned out that I had nothing
to worry about, she went well and she only lost 1 point at the scent-tracking.
I was satisfied with Paris' work. She made mistakes but she is a young dog
and she was very talented. She will need further practice especially on the field
as she is very unexperienced but she is always very eager to find something
and it is the most important thing.
Kikelet finished with maximum points. :-)


Felice - 115/116 pts (Excellent work)
Paris - 94/116 pts (Excellent work)
Kikelet - 116/116 pts (Excellent work)






Feita (Khyannes Fata Morgana) was again Junior Winner and BOB and according to
her titles, she is now Estonian- and Latvian Junior Champion.
Lucy (Khyannes Fleur d'Hiver) was also Junior Winner and Best Junior
at her first Dog Show!


World Dog Show and Championnat de France
Paris, 2011

On 7 July we left Hungary for Paris, France to try our luck in my main breed's homeland with my Braques d'Auvergne. I entered Titan and Noir, both in Junior class.
There were two shows: on Saturday the Championnat de France which is more
important to French dog breeders and owners than the WDS itself. On Sunday the
World Dog Show was held in a big stadium. Feita and Lili were also entered.
I am very proud of all my dogs and I would like to seize the opportunity here also
to thank Feita's and Lili's family again for entering their dogs and representing my kennel. The show was very important for us as on both days we had a French judge
who was a specialist in the breed.On Saturday there were 19,
on Sunday there were 17 Braques d'Auvergne entered.

First day results:

Femme-Fatale-Khyannes 'Noir' - Junior Winner and Best Junior
Titan Mon Tresor D'Amour' - Excellent 2
Khyannes Fata Morgana 'Feita' -
Excellent 2
Khyannes Élysée de Desir 'Lili' - Excellent 3 (in open class)

Second day results:

Femme-Fatale-Khyannes 'Noir' - Junior World Winner and Best Junior
Titan Mon Tresor D'Amour' - Reserve Junior World Winner
Khyannes Fata Morgana 'Feita' - Reserve Junior World Winner

Khyannes Élysée de Desir 'Lili' - Excellent 2 (in open class)

Results are also HERE.

We have a new, French import Braque d'Auvergne male in our kennel

Graphite's page HERE

We are looking for a new, loving home for our 2-year-old male dog, Dior.
Unfortunately, Dior and his father do not get along well but he is friendly
with other dogs. He needs lots of exercise and a person who can dominate him
and who leads a very active, sporty life. He is also perfect for Field Trial work.
Dior is Multi Junior Champion, European Junior Winner, HD-AA,
and has Natural Ability Test (VKV) and Basic Hunting Test (AV).

He is only available in co-ownership with fair conditions.
Only to a good place!

New show results

Kaposvár Gundog CAC - Breeders Group III. place


Feita has been successful in the show ring again:

Parnu CACIB, Estonia - Exc. 1, JCAC, Jun BOB, BOB
Hunting Breeds Speciality Show, Latvia -
Exc.1, JCAC, Jun BOB, BOB

Congratulations Agnes, Feita and family!

Incredible story

Khyannes Flamme de la Fidelité "Paris"
was returned to us on 9 June at the tender age of just 9 months because of some incredible reasons. She was owned by a Hungarian hunter and she was bought for hunting.
I was told that she did not go into the water as she was afraid of it and did not retrieve game. When she was picked up by her ex-owner at the age of 6 months,
she was tried for everything. She was not gunshy at all, retrieved everything,
searched well and widely and I was sure she would love water
because this breed naturally likes swimming.
So, the hunter's words came as a great shock for me.
Of course, I took her back and took her out on the fields the very next day she had
been returned to see her working abilities with my own eyes.
A big surprise: after 10 minutes she was swimming with the others, retrieved things
from the water and later when she was tried on the fields, she retrieved game
(both pheasant and hare) with ease. She did not have any problems with these tasks.
She picked up game without hesitating or observing it, also with a full mouth
not showing any disgust or anything like this...
so I STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND what could have gone wrong with her last owner.
She is not a typical show dog but will be a perfect working dog I am sure.
But now I am very happy that she is back so hunting trials here we come!!!!

fácán- és nyúlapport

duck retrieving from water
Two dogs from our F-litter made us very proud again with their results:

Tallinn CACIB, Estonia - 05 June 2011
Khyannes Fan Fan la Tulipe 'Demon' ( from Finland) was awarded
BOB-junior, JCAC - Estonian Winner 2011 and Estonian Junior Winner 2011
Best of Breed

Riga CACIB, Latvia - 12 June 2011
Khyannes Fata Morgana 'Feita' (from Latvia) was awarded
JCAC, Junior BOB, Best of Breed

Congratulations to the owners! :-)
Our results from Székesfehérvár 2x CACIB Dog Show

New work results!

Khyannes Etincelle de Vie 'Etis' from the Czech Republic made us very proud
by passing the Novomlynske Derby in 1st prize!
Very well done Andrea and Ludvik!

Hunting Ability Test (AV) and Field-Water trial (working exam- VMV)
Martonfa - 30 April 2011

We spent a very successful day in Martonfa where Beau, Titan and
8.5-month-old Darcy came with us to take part in two different hunting exams.

Beau passed the Field-Water exam (VMV) receiving his working certificate
so he is now eligible to bear the Interchampion title.

Titan and Darcy passed the Hunting Ability Test (AV) with excellent results:
Titan 114/116 points.
Little Darcy 105/116 points.

This exam consists of mainly 4 parts:
field-search, scent-tracking, water-test and retrieving hare and pheasant.

The event was organized by the Wire-haired Hungarian Vizsla Club.
Photos by Sz-ti. (Thank you again).

Khyannes Fantome de Roi 'Roy' passed the Basic Obedience test (BH)
with excellent results.
Congratulations Eszter and Roy. Well done!

Just got fresh, hot news from Latvia that Khyannes Fata Morgana 'Feita'
was again Best Puppy in Breed and from here she went on to win PUPPY BEST IN SHOW
at Latvian Hunting Dog Speciality Show "Club Winner 2011".
We are very proud of you Agnes and Feita!

Natural Ability Test in Őcsény, Hungary - 16 April 2011

Noir passed the Natural Ability Test with perfect water-work.
The event was organized by the Hungarian Pointer Club.

Our latest work results:

On 9 April we took part in a Hunting Ability Exam (AV) organized by the Hungarian
Vizsla Club with two of our dogs, Beau and Dior.
They both passed the Hunting Ability Exam (AV) with Excellent results.
Beau also went for and got his Hunting License (VAV).
To get this license, a dog has to pass a kind of field-water test with high knowledge
of obedience. Those dogs who pass this test become registered hunting dogs
and get a special tattoo in their ear which proves that they have the license
to work legally at hunts.

Dombóvár CAC results

Filou winning Reserve Puppy Best In Show

Great news: Titan's hips are officially HD-AA!

In the last few weeks, one of our pups, Feita who lives in Latvia, was again very
successful at her second dog show. She was Best Puppy in Breed again but this time
she went even further by winning Puppy Best of Group and finally she got 5th place
in Puppy BIS at Latvian Winner 2011 International Dog Show.
We are very proud of you Agnes and Feita! Way to go!

At Arad 2x CACIB dog show both Heaven and Beau became Inter Show Champions,
also Heaven got the Romanian Grand Champion
and Beau the Romanian Champion title.

Felice's hip scan result arrived, she is HD-A/B
Because of our results in 2010 we now own the following titles:

- Top Junior Braque d'Auverge Bitch 2010
Dior - Top Junior Braque d'Auverge Male 2010
I am the Top breeder of Braques d'Auvergne 2010

Thank you for Dezső Timi (Dashing Dawn kennel) for her help and photos!

Paris has moved to her new hunting home. I wanted to find her an owner who will hunt with her and will take her to hunting exams as she was such a gifted girl.
My waiting was not in vain, her dream owner, a Hungarian hunter arrived to pick her up.

D'arcy has grown into a very exceptional dog. Since he was a small pup, he has always differed from the others as he retrieved everything thrown into my hands.
He retrieves pheasant, hare and fox with the same grade of enthusiasm as he fetches
a piece of wood or his dummy. His pointing is sharp and firm on both pheasant and hare. His nose is perfect, he searches well, not too far and not too close, he is very obedient, keen and very easy to work with and train.
Because of the mentioned reasons, I could not resist keeping him.
His training will begin in spring. I can't wait. :-)


We are planning two litters for spring/summer of 2011

English Setter - Johnny x Heaven
Braque d'Auvergne - Titan x Felice

Inquiries are welcome.