Hunting season has started!

The best time of the year finally arrived. HUNTING. With all capital letters.
This should tell how much I love these winter months and why.
Me and my dogs are at hunts every weekend hunting mainly for hares and pheasants.
Here are some photos:


TITAN's litter was born in Poland on 16 December

3 males - 6 females

18 October 2014 - Kaposvár Gundog CAC, Hungary

Khyannes Je T'aime Mon Amour 'Voltaire' - Best Baby in Breed
Khyannes Ile-de-France 'Chantel' - CAC, BOB
Dante de la Muele du Foin 'Dante' - Junior Winner, Best junior, BOB
Jeanne D'Arc du Pech du Cayrol 'Aimee' - Best Puppy in Breed


Alma Ranczo Mysliwego 'Alma' also passed the breeding test.
Good news!

Iton, Leroy, Aimee and Maia had their hips pre-scanned.
Their hips show no signs of hip dysplasia.

21 September 2014 - Lendava CACIB, Slovenia

ALMA Ranczo Mysliwego - CAC, CACIB, BOB


Khyannes Incognito Bleu 'Gillette' - CAC, CACIB, BOB


Two new import baby girls joined our kennel from France:

Joyce du Paradis des Edelweiss 'MAIA' a Braque d'Auvergne
( ICH E'Jazz du Ruisseau de Montbrun x Hypothese du Paradis des Edelweiss)
Jeanne d'Arc du Pech du Cayrol 'AIMEE' a Braque du Bourbonnais
(Vrac du Roches des Jastres x Gaystar du Pech du Cayrol).

Subotica CACIB, Serbia - 29 June 2014

Khyannes Incognito Bleu 'Gillette' - Junior Winner, Best Junior, BOB
With this result Gillette is SERBIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION!

Khyannes Ile-de-France 'Chantel' - CAC, CACIB

21 - 22 June 2014 - Pécs 2x CACIB


Khyannes Groseille Noire 'Odette' - CAC, CACIB, BOB


Femme - Fatale - Khyannes 'Noir' - CAC, CACIB, BOB

Odette and Noir are INTERCHAMPION CIE now and from now they will retire from the show ring and will only enjoy family life and hunting / hunting exams and competitions.

08 June 2014 - Komárom CACIB

Khyannes Incognito Bleu 'Gillette' - CAC, CACIB

Basic Hunting Exam (AV) and Field - Water (VMV) exams

On 31 May 2014 we took part on two exams in Miskolc - Onga, Hungary, very very far from where we live, about 800 kms there and back, but since our last two planned exams
had been cancelled and I had finished the dogs's training so they were ready,
we decided to take the long journey.
Was it worth it? Hell, yes!

Khyannes Groseille Noire 'Odette' - 268/268 MAXIMUM! pts on her Field - Water Exam (VMV)
Khyannes Haute Couture 'Ruby' - 115/116 pts on her Basic Hunting Exam (AV)

RUBY lost only 1 point in speed as she is 5 weeks old pregnant with a huge belly
already so she could not run as fast as usual. :-)))

ODETTE is INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION CIB with this working certificate and
she needs 1 more CACIB title for her INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION CIE title
which I hope she will get this June.
Varazdin, Croatia 2x CACIB
24 May 2014

Femme Fatale Khyannes 'Noir' - CAC, CACIB, BOB

25 May 2014

Khyannes Groseille Noire 'Odette' - CAC, CACIB, BOB
Babatpuszta, Hungary - 17 May 2014
MOVKE Bloodtracking competition - 800 meters - 24 hours

Khyannes Étoile Soir 'Felice' - II. prize


April 26 2014 - Martonfa
AV / VAV exams

On this Saturday we took part in two hunting exams organized by the Wire-haired
Hungarian Vizsla Association of Hungary. I was going to take 3 dogs but took
only one in the end as Ruby's heat started and Odette's Field- Water exam scheduled
on this day had been cancelled to my biggest sadness.
I led Khyannes Glacier de la Vallée 'Vincent'
in order to get his Hunting licence
and ended up with maximum scores on this VAV exam.
Our kennel was represented by another great dog, Khyannes Incognito Bleu 'Gillette'
who went for the AV (Hunting Ability Test) certificate and received it also with maximum points! I am very proud of Pisti, Gillette's owner because it was both his and Gillette's first exam and they did more than great! Beautiful day with superb dogs!


April 19-20-21 - Szilvásvárad 3x CACIB, Hungary

Khyannes Incognito Bleu 'Gillette' - 3x Junior Winner, 3x Best Junior, 3x BOB
With these results Gillette became
Hungarian Junior Champion

Congrats to the owners, well done! I am very proud. -
Hunting Breeds Speciality Show, Latvia

Khyannes Fata Morgana 'Feita' -
26 April - Hunting Breeds Speciality Show, Latvia - Exc. 1, Club Winner'14, BOB
22 April - CACIB Riga, latvia - Exc. 1, Latvian Winner'14, CACIB, BOB
ngrats to the owners, well done!
Hunting Dog Expo, Poland

Khyannes Issole 'Koti' - at the age of only a few months - took part in her very first dog show
and she became Reserve Expo Hunting Champion which means second place in group VII
competing with adult dogs!
We are very very proud of you little girl!

Our latest addition to our kennel!

Alma is a 15-month-old bitch coming from Poland.
I decided to take her as she has a Khyannes dam so her mother-line is my line
and her sire's line was unexistent in my kennel until now.
I like her outline a lot, she has great retrieving skills, she loves water and she is
such a sweet dog, however, her socialization is not complete so we will work on this first
along with basic obedience and basic hunting skills.

Special thanks to Orsolya Víg for bringing her home!

Fehova CACIB - Budapest 16 Febuary 2014

Khyannes Incognito Bleu 'Gillette' - Exc. 1, junior Winner, BOB

There is a new breed in our kennel. Dante de la Meule du Foin is a Braque du Bourbonnais male puppy and he was not planned but we could not say no to him. He is very naughty but very smart. Of course, there is French blood in his vessels. :-)
He became housebroken in a week and he loves to be with our Braque d'Auvergne pups
but he is not afraid of our big dogs either. Izzy is his very good friend. He is a fast little puppy with a very good nose and retrieving skills. He is not afraid of gunshots.
We will see what he will mature into...


Cimbi returned home!

In the end of December Khyannes Haut Style 'Cimbi' returned to the place where he was born just a year ago. Well, not for good just as long as his masters return from their trip around the world. Cimbi is going to stay with us till the end of February and he will undergo a very serious obedience training. He is a very sweet boy, the one and only pup of Graphite and Felice. He is sensitive but learns fast. Unfortunately, he will not be taken to hunts, however, he has all the abilities to do well as a hunting dog: good temperament, stable nerve-system, physical strength and a huge desire to work. He loves retrieving pheasants.