Latest hip scan results
Khyannes Jeunesse Francais 'Juno' - BVA 5:4 (HD-A/A)
Khyannes Isac 'Isac' - HD-B/A
Dorka Drwecki Nurt 'Sophie' - HD - A/B

Pre-scanning for:

Lumiére du Domaine d'Ainos 'Lumi'
Bulo 'Gunner'
Khyannes Bullet
Khyannes Neptune 'Nepi'

They are all free of hip dysplasia.

On 3 October 2015 the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Club of Hungary organized
a working event in Balatonfenyves, Hungary. We took part with two dogs.
The type of exam was the Basic Hunting Exam with 4 tasks to perform.
1. field search with pointing a pheasant, 2. retrieving a feathered and a furred game,
3. tracking a dead rabbit and 4. water retrieving of a wild duck from deep water.
DANTE did well as it was his third hunting exam but my own-bred 6-month-old English setter bitch, BENELLI did an even more excellent job getting 115 points out of the maximum
of 116 points. Even the judges told me she is one of a kind and she is really looking forward
to a bright future. I am so so proud of her. :-)

27 September 2015 - Novi Sad CACIB, Serbia

Khyannes Iton- CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG 3
Alma Ranczo Mysliwego - CAC, CACIB, BOS
Jeanne d'Arc du Pech du Cayrol - CAC. CACIB, BOB

Unfortunately, no photos were taken.

During our way back home, we had a new passenger. A new addition to our English
setter team arrived. I named him GUNNER.


Our kennel proudly presents our latest Braque d'Auvergne additions from France,

I have high hopes for these pups both in work and shows.

On 8 August DANTE de la Muele du Foin, Khyannes Incognito Bleu 'GILLETTE'
and Khyannes Haute Couture 'RUBY' successfully passed the Hunting Aptitude Test (VAV)
and got their Hunting Licence in Siófok - Kiliti, Hungary
so they officially became registered hunting dogs.

From the right: Gillette, Ruby and Dante after the exam

Bucky's first success!

Khyannes Buckshot 'Bucky' was Very Promising I., Best Baby in Show at Slovakian Special Pointer and Setter Club Show in Trnava, Slovakia on 9 August 2015.
Congratulations Iveta and Bucky! Way to go!

Our latest hip dysplasia results
(the hip evaluations of our dogs are made by the French Braque d'Auvergne Club,
the RABA's vet specialist, Dr Jacques Drape)

Khyannes Instinct de Chasse 'Hugo' - BVA 3:3 (HD-A) - scanned in England
Khyannes Iton 'Iton' - HD-A/B
Joyce du Paradis des Edelweiss 'Maia' - HD-B/A
Jeanne d'Arc du Pech du Cayrol 'Aimee' - HD-B/A

Show results from Poland!

Khyannes Je T'aime Mon Amour 'Voltaire' started his show career with very nice results.

VII Krajowa Wystawa Psów Mysliwskich - Lubin - 18.07.2015

Excellent 1, Best junior, Best of Breed

Judge: Aleksander Skrzynski (PL)

Polish Junior Champion

National Dog Show Gorzów Wkp - 05. 07. 2015

Excellent 1, Best junior, Best of Breed

Judge Dorota Witkowska (PL)

International Dog Show Szczecin - 27 - 28. 06. 2015

Excellent 1, Best junior, Best of Breed

Judge Tatjana Urek (SLO)

Subotica CACIB, Serbia - 24 May 2015

Our results are HERE

Timisoara CACIB, Romania - 10 May 2015

We came back with three Champion titles! :-)

Detailed results HERE

Martonfa - Basic Hunting Exam - 02 May 2015

Khyannes Jasmine Blanc 'Leila' passed her Hunting Aptitude Test and
got her hunting licence at the age of just 11 months! She was trained by Gábor Agyaki.
Khyannes Isac 'Isac' successfully passed the Basic Hunting Exam with
great results. He was trained and led by me.
Congrats to the owners!

Fantastic Hip Dysplasia results!

Khyannes Ile-de-France 'Chantel' - HD-A
Khyannes Indrois 'Leroy' - HD-B
Alma Ranczo Mysliwego 'Alma' - HD-A
Dante de la Muele du Foin 'Dante' - HD-B

National Hunting Dog Show, Kaposvár - 11 April 2015

Khyannes Iton 'Iton' - Junior Winner,Best Junior, Best of Breed

Khyannes Jasmine Blanc 'Leila' - Junior Winner
Congrats to the owner, Csaba Nógrádi!

Hunting Ability Exam - Kajászó, Hungary - 05 April 2015

Khyannes Indrois 'Leroy' - passed with excellent results
Khyannes Grand-Duc 'Balou' - passed with excellent results
(owned by Péter Végh)

Successful Hunting Ability Tests!

My Braque du Bourbonnais boy, Dante and my Braque d'Auvergne bitch, Alma
successfully passed the Hunting Ability Test in Cegléd on 28 March 2015.
This test consists of three parts:
1. Field work with pointing (10 mins)
2. Retrieving test
3. Water test


A 2-year-old spayed bitch is looking for a pet home.
Only responsible owners-to-be should contact me.

We have a new addition, Dorka Drweczki Nurt 'SOPHIE'.
This little energy bomb is Titan's daughter and she was born in Poland.
Her own page is coming soon.


Both Khyannes Jasmine Blanc 'Leila' and his litter brother,
Khyannes Je M'appelle Julien 'Griffi' successfully passed the
obedience exam at the age of 8 months.
Leila is now a qualified hunter, hunting snipes with her owner.

FEHOVA CACIB Winter Dog Show
12 February 2015

Khyannes Ile-de-France 'Chantel' - CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed
Dante de la Muele du Foin 'Dante' - CAC, CACIB

Moreover, the following dogs passed the breeding test successfully:

Khyannes Indrois 'Leroy'
Khyannes Ile-de-France 'Chantel'
Dante de la Muele du Foin 'Dante'
Khyannes Isac 'Isac' (owned by Andrea Miterli)

Our hunting season is over... :-(

The best time of the year. HUNTING. With all capital letters.
This should tell how much I love these winter months and why.
Me and my dogs are at hunts every weekend hunting mainly for hares and pheasants.
Here are some photos of our last season: